Photos from Jukola '97

The following photos were taken by me during the Jukola.  Click on the thumb-nail for a larger image.  Most images are between 60 and 80 Kb.

I also have images of four photos taken by Jukka Gröndahl, photographer for Helsingin Sanomat.

Jukola 97 BAOC team page

Van, Tapio, and Jorg
Friday afternoon, the tent is being set up.
Trevor and Syd Late Friday, Trevor and Syd consider a practice run.
Midnight Friday
Van, Jorg, and Greg Saturday morning.
Looking across tent city toward the event center.
The finish chutes and timing boards
Flags of all the participating countries
The US flags flies for the first time
The team accompanied by a Venla team that happened to be walking by.
The main gate to Jyväs-Jukola
We show off our $400 pajamas
The Jukola mass start.
About half of the spectators to one side ...
and another 10,000 on the other side.
Some runners near the back of the pack
The leaders of the 9:15 am catch-up mass start.
Van is around the bend, on the left some where.
Greg Lennon leaving the Go control and heading for the bridge back onto the track.


Images by Jukka Gröndahl

Reprinted with permission.  Do not copy or distribute without acquiring permission from Jukka Gröndahl,
The photo that appeared with the Helsingin Sanomat article about the team.  An English translation of the article is available.
Filing into the tent city.
Mass start of the Venla.  Check out the guy hanging off the bridge.
A leg one or two runner strides toward the finish.